IP and SFP to Modulator

Short Description:

IP to ISDB/DVB-C/DVB-T modulator is an all-in-one device developed by us. It supports maximum 512(or 1024) IP input through the 4 GE/SFP port and also 8 ASI input. After multiplexing 8(or 16) and DVB-T modulating, it gives 8(or 16) non-adjacent carriers (50MHz~960MHz), 2 ASI output and 8 or 16 IP (MPTS) output as mirror of carriers. The device is characterized with high integrated level, high performance and low cost. This is very adaptable to newly generation DTV broadcasting system.

Product Detail

Product Tags

4 GE/SFP ports (max 512/1024 IP inData1 is bi-directional port, max 512 IP in, 8 IP out(for 8 DVB-T out verison)Data1 is bi-directional ports, max 1024 P in, 16 IP ut(for 16 DVB-T out verison)

Data2&3&4 ports only for input

* Supports accurate PCR adjusting

* Max 840Mbps for each input

* Supports PID remapping and PSI/SI editing

* Supports up to 256 PIDs remapping per channel

* Supports 6 ASI input and 2 ASI output

* Support 8 (or 16) multiplexed TS over UDP/RTP/RTSP output

* 8(or 16) DVB-T non-adjacent carriers output, compliant to ETSI EN300 744 standard

* Supports RS(204,188) encoding

* Support Web-based Network management

Inner Principle Chart

For 8 carriers out:


For 16 carriers out:


Carrier Setting Illustration:




Input Input 8 DVB-T carriers: Max 512 IP input through Date1-Date4 100/1000M Ethernet Port (or SFP interface optional). Each Data port can input max 512 IP.16 DVB-T carriers: Max 1024 IP input through Date1-Date4 100/1000M Ethernet Port (or SFP interface optional). Each Data port can input max 1024 IP.
6 ASI input, BNC interface
Transport Protocol TS over UDP/RTP, unicast and multicast, IGMP V2/V3
Transmission Rate Max 840Mbps for each input channel
Mux Input Channel 512(or 1024)
Output Channel 8 (or 16)
Max PIDs 256 per channel
Functions PID remapping(auto/manually optional)
PCR accurate adjusting
PSI/SI table automatically generating
ModulationParameters Channel 8(or 16)
Modulation Standard ETSI EN300 744
Constellation QPSK/16QAM/64QAM
Bandwidth 6/7/8 MHz
Trans mode 2K/4K/8K
FEC 1/2,2/3,3/4,5/6,7/8
RF Output Interface F typed output port for8(or 16) non-adjacent carriers
RF Range 50~960MHz, 1kHz stepping
Output Level -20~+10dbm(for all carriers), 0.5db stepping
MER ≥ 40dB
ACL -55 dBc
TS output 8 (or 16) IP output over UDP/RTP/RTSP, unicast/multicast, Data1 100/1000M Ethernet Ports
2 ASI output, one as mirror
System Web-based Network management
General Demission 420mm×440mm×44.5mm (WxLxH)
Temperature 0~45℃(operation), -20~80℃(storage)
Power Supply AC100V±10%, 50/60Hz or AC 220V±10%,50/60Hz

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