DVB-T Digital Transmitter (1KW-3KW)

Short Description:

DVB-(T) digital transmitter developed by DEXIN, which gives sustained power output with 1500W/2000W/2500W/3000W optional. Its compact structure design has greatly saved space for your room.

The frequency range of DUT-8323 is from 470MHz~806MHz. This transmitter has a very high linear and high reliability as it takes high gain and high linear LDMOS tube amplifier module. Furthermore, it supports AGC function to keep sustained power output.

Dexin is always ready to meet customer requirements by making it available to output signal carrier or multi carrier, adapt to signal channel and broadband transmission.

Product Detail

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Key Features

* Intelligent and modularized amplifier unit, takes high power gain and high linear LDMOS tube

amplifier module design

* Low power consumption and super linear design to improve the transmission power, and reduce the

nonlinear distortion

* AGC function with sustained power output to allow the transmitter a good stability and reliability

* Support MFN and SFN system

* Support fault diagnosis function

* Full digital front panel control, easy operation.

* LED on the door supporting alarm and signal monitor

* Stabilized-power supply with wide range of voltage and high efficiency

* Cooling system with low consumption and low noise

* Multi lightning protection measures, good protection for whole equipment.

* 24-hour working unmanned, user friendly design

* Easy to install, elegant appearance

Technical Specifications


System standard DVB-(T)
frequency 470MHz~806MHz
Input Level -20 dBm±3dB (87dbuv ±3dB)
Input reflection loss ≥15dB
Input Interface ‘N’


RF output power 1500W/2000W/2500W/3000W optional
Output frequency 470MHz~806MHz

(For Single Channel: Every 8M available;

For Broadband Channel: consecutive 60M available)

Output impedance 50Ω
frequency response ±0.5dB
Shoulder level ≥36dB@central freqnencyIF±4.2MHz
MER ≥33dB
output reflection loss ≥20dB
variation of output power ±0.25dB
In-band stray ≤-60dBc
Out-of-band suppression ≥65dBc
Output interface 1-5/8

General Parameters

Working temperature -20~+50℃
Storage temperature -30~+75℃
Relatively humidity 95% (25℃ no condensation)
Cooling mode inside cooling fan
atm press 86~106kPa
power supply AC, 220V±10%/50Hz
Machine room requirement less dust, no shake
Dimension(L×W×H) 1050mm×600mm×1695mm

System Diagram


PS: This diagram is a reference for 1500W and 2000W transmitter. For 2500W and 3000W transmitter,

there are 4 power amplifiers and 8 power supplier included.

   Main Components List


Component Name




Final Power Amplifier 800W 3 pcs For 2000W
800W 4 pcs For 3000W
2000W and 3000W are standard power, 1500W and 2500W are customized version
Pre-Exciter   1 pc  
Monitor Unit   1 pc With LCD monitor on front door
Power Supply for

Final Amplifier

  6 pcs For 1500W/2000W
  8 pcs For 2500W/3000W
Filter   1 pc As per order. (In case multiple single-channel transmitters are involved, a power combiner is required.)
Cabinet   1 pc  
Cooling Fan   1 set 2 sets (with 1 set for backup) optional as order or needed


Hard Feeder Φ40, 2 meter long 1 These parts are standard configuration. If there are special requirement, please indicate when place order.
Elbow   3
Hoop   3
Hose Clamp   13
Central Pin   3
Flange Φ40 1
antenna   1 As per order
Feeder     As per order
Combiner   1 As per order

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